All ANIKAYA classes are challenging, and all are welcoming of all bodies, identities, genders and gender expressions. All classes can be made American Sign Language-accessible immediately upon request. All of our teachers are also multi-lingual. Please click on a class to see a description, and see teachers' bios on the Who's Teaching page.

We have instituted a new, simpler way to make our classes accessible for people around the world, without different codes for each country. The regular price for a class is $10. But if you can't afford $10, you can use the code "50percent" to pay 1/2, or "100percent" to take the class for free. All past discount codes are still valid. WE WANT YOU TO DANCE WITH US. If you can afford to pay for someone else, please DONATE HERE to support these classes. 

Class packs can also be purchased below and are valid for all classes. Gift cards are also available.